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Tell us all a little bit about yourself and your bikes.
774 Topics 4469 Replies
Re: Engines
by MarkT
22 Sep 2018 11:36
The main rule is to play nice and treat other folks as you would like to be treated. Please review the rest before you take the next step.
5 Topics 6 Replies
Just to refresh everyone’s memory . . .
by Makotosun
12 Mar 2018 11:23
As we add new site-wide features, we will announce them in this thread.
124 Topics 378 Replies
Re: Slight upgrade to site performance?
by pmgDT
04 Sep 2018 10:50
For general questions, answers and discussions about vintage Yamaha Enduros.
1676 Topics 11.9k Replies
Re: Need a Title for your Enduro?
by rodss67
23 Sep 2018 19:22
All the stuff that enduroholics talk about when they are not talking about enduros. Probably gonna be kinda quiet in here!
460 Topics 3501 Replies
Re: Weekend at the Races
by Tom S.
22 Sep 2018 21:04
All about the Badges. We NEED more stinking Badges!
706 Topics 5185 Replies
Re: 1970 AT1B Cleanup
by Rverbeck
20 Sep 2018 22:03
Badge free and hiding in the REEDS
636 Topics 4489 Replies
Re: 125 to 175 conversion
by Capt.Dave
22 Sep 2018 19:57
New tanks and the last of the big twin shocks.
816 Topics 5279 Replies
Re: DT175 Reeds?
by MarkT
22 Sep 2018 20:27
Monoshocks for the big boys and Modern style for the smaller bikes.
350 Topics 3365 Replies
Re: 1981 dt 125 and 175 battery
by Makotosun
23 Sep 2018 21:54
A special section for the little guys! Small but big on COOL!
137 Topics 929 Replies
Alternate forks on the GT80!!!
by Makotosun
20 Sep 2018 20:10
Yamaha added the IT line to be their professional racing enduro model at the end of 1976 - blending the go of the YZ with the Swiss pocket knife attraction of the enduro.
140 Topics 1278 Replies
Re: New to me '78 IT400E
by Kosmo
23 Sep 2018 18:48
All things trials. The TY series are their own unique breed, are trials riders. Let's see your TY's and other Yamaha trials conversions.
32 Topics 200 Replies
Re: TY80, GT80,DT80 clutch adjust question.
by 1971DT250
26 May 2018 15:19
A section focused on the race bikes, from the early MX twin shocks, to the mid-series early monoshocks and through the early YZ's - talk about the Go Fast bikes!
170 Topics 1592 Replies
by woodman5
23 Sep 2018 16:31
We all know that this board is primarily about the 2 stroke model bikes - HOWEVER - we all know that we have some closet 4 strokers out there. As Jeff Foxworthy would say - "Here's your Board!"
78 Topics 326 Replies
Re: 1983 yamaha xt250 not shifting
by Derek1983xt250
13 Sep 2018 15:54
Lay out your full on restoration here!
212 Topics 5026 Replies
Re: DT 360 Making Progress
by Snglsmkr
27 Aug 2018 17:37
If it's anything but stock, put it here. Customs, Resto-Mods, and even those somewhat questionable builds we can't really categorize!
93 Topics 2037 Replies
Re: armpit's RT2 Resto-Mod Scrambler
by Rverbeck
23 Sep 2018 21:21
You can post here about your other bikes. They don't have to be Yamahas, street, race or trail are all welcome.
158 Topics 1703 Replies
Re: Bultaco 143 Frontera 360
by mdscott
22 Sep 2018 19:58
Videos where Enduros are the topic, or are somewhere in there! We love our videos.
105 Topics 400 Replies
Re: Bultaco running backwards
by mdscott
17 Sep 2018 08:30
A place to list new rides and events, and to document epic adventures!
92 Topics 2660 Replies
by GFrench
23 Sep 2018 17:00
How to do those tasks that every bike needs, or will need at some point.
212 Topics 1903 Replies
Re: Ziptie hose clamps.
by MarkT
07 Sep 2018 17:51
Those secret little things from the past to make the bikes go FAST!
89 Topics 976 Replies
Step by Step instructions for common repairs and maintenance.
52 Topics 425 Replies
Re: How to check a rectifier or diode....
by RT325
13 Aug 2018 22:09
Factory Original Tools, Substitutes and Aftermarket Tools to make our hobby easier and more fun!
27 Topics 131 Replies
Re: M12
by Winterwoods
11 Apr 2018 08:14
Alternative parts which will work on the bikes.
30 Topics 127 Replies
Re: MR80 1981
by Tudor
04 Jul 2018 05:47
Have or Need parts or a full bike? This is the place!
585 Topics 2344 Replies
If you use a new or even a commonly known product, tool or service, consider writing a review of your experience.
19 Topics 106 Replies
Re: Tank Decals on ebay by "Yamatopdog"
by WNCBob
30 Jul 2018 08:29
Restoration Services, Painting, Porting, etc. Stuff you do that the rest of us don't want to actually learn now to do!
9 Topics 25 Replies
Re: DT1/RT1 Switch Restoration
18 Jul 2017 21:58
List up parts sources/vendors you have had good luck with. Especially sources for hard to find items. Include a website link if possible.
40 Topics 253 Replies
Re: DT400E engine
by FrankC
31 Aug 2018 19:05
Sub Boards for discussions of particular Vendors. If you are a supporting Vendor and want to have your company listed here, Please contact Admin@Yamaha-Enduros.com so we can set you up. We expect you will monitor the board a bit and answer questions about your products as needed.
The Enduro Doctor (11 topics) KDI Reproductions (4 topics) PowerDynamo (8 topics) Rex's Speed Shop (2 topics) www.CDIBox.com Ignition Boxes (1 topics)
26 Topics 170 Replies
If you can't figure out a site feature, post it here and one of us will help you out!
26 Topics 116 Replies
Re: Tapatalk
by pmgDT
04 Sep 2018 10:52
Tell us what you like or dislike about the site - please describe any functional issues so we can attack them. Suggest things we haven't included! Help us craft a fun place to kick back, relax, and kill a few hours bench racing!
28 Topics 165 Replies
Re: Cookies
by Makotosun
27 Apr 2018 20:22
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