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Our intent is to include in this section specificaitions, both by model and certain general specs (torque tables, etc).

We have a huge archive of information we are sorting through and organizing for posting, so the section will continue to grow. If you don't see your bike model/year, it is probably because we just haven't gotten it posted up. We have specs on most all models, even if they are not yet listed.

This section will continue to expand as we continue to locate and process more data. If you have information that might be useful to add to this section, or any other section of the site, please contact us at Site Admin.

Information on the 50 cc bikes

Items Related to the 60cc Bikes

Items Related to the 80cc Bikes

Items Related to the 90cc Bikes

Items Related to the 100cc Bikes

Items Related to the 125c Bikes

Items Related to the 175cc Bikes

Information about the 200cc models

Items Related to the 250cc Bikes

Items Related to the 360cc Bikes

Items Related to the 400cc Bikes

Items Related to the 425cc Bikes

Items Related to the 465cc Bikes

Items Related to the 500cc Bikes

Information on various VIN numbers. Unless otherwise specified, numbers are for US models. We are continuing to put together information on the NON-US models and will publish it here when we have compiled reliable information. If you have verified information on any Vin Number information, please feel free to contact us with updates at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..