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And just who do you think you are?

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And just who do you think you are? was created by yamadmin

It is common courtesy on a forum such as this to introduce yourself! Please take a moment or two, tell us a little about yourself, why you are interested in this little community, and of course, post up a picture or two of your project! This group lives for pictures!

Also, take a moment and fill out your profile, pick a recognizable Avatar, and come to the party!

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31 Jan 2014 17:44 #1

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Replied by TerryM on topic And just who do you think you are?

I don't think, I know who I am. I think.

Since there hasn't been any other activity in the forums yet, I'll see if I can stir the pot a little. Get people off their collective cans, if you will.

My name is Terry and I am a beginning Enduroholic.

I got started riding back in the mid seventies when I was in my mid-twenties - yes that makes me officially old. I got started by watching my next-door neighbor's two pre-teen daughters racing round and round their house on the family's Honda CB125, which over the course of 6 or 8 years, was the only vehicle they owned that consistently ran. The neighbor also had a 175 Kawasaki that he rode hill-climbing with friends. I ended up buying a used XL100 (I think) Honda to learn on and to start riding with the neighbor and friends. It wasn't long before I moved up to a green Yamaha CT 175.

After a while, I upgraded to a '74 DT250A, which became my favorite dirt bike. Unfortunately, it got stolen - 3 times! It was recovered twice, but the third time is the charm, I guess. I replaced that with a DT400B and after a while, with life's changes, quit riding.

A few years ago, I decided to try to find a piece of history. I now have a DT250A runner, a DT175A that is close (needs fuel tank issues resolved), and a DT250B with major carb issues.

Now that you know a little about me, please introduce yourselves!
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19 Feb 2014 18:27 #2

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Replied by Makotosun on topic And just who do you think you are?

A big WELCOME to Terry as the First non-editorial team member to make a post! There will be a reward, we will just have to come up with it! :whistle:
Hopefully this will become a good thread with everyone getting to know one another just a bit. Take a few minutes and click the profile tab up top, and then you can add some more about yourself including the all-important avatar. The edit button will be at the right end of the red bar when you open up the profile.
If you have a facebook page, you can add that link too!
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19 Feb 2014 20:48 #3

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Replied by davemohney14 on topic And just who do you think you are?

My name is Dave Mohney 50yrs old and ive been told im some kind of yamaha nut case
and horder. I got hooked on yamaha,s around 1972 when my dad came home
with a lt2m. Wow what a feeling for a 9 year old kid! I had minibikes before this but this bike
ripped! In 74 he got me an mx 125 and after that it was all yzs up until 86 when my son jake
was born. When jake turned 4 pw50 time and back to the race tracks in southern ohio for another 17 years! Yea bought myself quite a few yz250s in that time I could not just watch. But in 1990 I found a really nice lt2 100 enduro model and rode it more than the race bikes! Around 2006 a thief got away with it. Then I got sick from cigarette smoking all these years (emphysema) and I thought that was it!
But im working hard to get the best I can so I bought a ct2 and have been getting parts off e-bay all winter. I live in a small town and hope to ride it around town and on the local trails! I have worked as a mechanic my working years at 2 yamaha dealers till I became disabled! And I have horded all I could get and kept it all these years. I never even sold hardly any of my bikes. I guess I always thought I might need it someday. I will post some pictures when it warms up Glad to be part of this group

Dave mohney
dave mohney
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19 Feb 2014 23:41 #4

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Hey everyone, I'm Ryan (35) from Franklin, Indiana. I am a media producer in the Indianapolis Area working for clients such as the US Olympic dive team, the Indiana Pacers, and the Indiana Fever. I've recently done some work over at Victory Field with the Indians, and am hoping to have a shot at producing a 2014 pre-season video project for the Colts.

I grew up watching uncles and family ride dirtbikes. The first bike I ever rode was a YZ 80 at the age of 3 (I couldn't even touch the ground). It got loose in some gravel, and my right thigh still bares the scar from the muffler to prove it. Afterwards, my father bought my first '72 JT2 60cc enduro (my brother got an MX80 GT). It was in brand-new condition, and I rode that thing everywhere. My brother and I used to make Batman and Robin videos. We wore costumes with capes, masks, and we even dressed our bikes with cardboard so they would fit into "the movies." We still have videos of us riding through our neighborhoods screaming at each other. If we did that today, we would either become a YouTube sensation, or go to jail. I ended up selling my JT2 just before I began driving. I regret that decision....

Since those days, I have owned a YZ 100, an RM 250, a Yamaha Warrior 350, a Kawasaki KFX700, a Yamaha YZF 600R, a Yamaha YZF R6, a 1985 V-65 Magna 1100, and I have most recently purchased another 1972 JT2.

In the last several months, I found one of the old VHS videos mentioned above. It was great to spend the evening reminiscing about the fun my brother and I had with our bikes. On a whim, I jumped on Google and did a search to see if I could find another. I found a few out west that would have cost an arm and a leg to have shipped to Indianapolis. I was able to find a JT2 on the North Side of Indy, so I went up to check it out. It was a 125 mile round trip. When I got there and put my eyes on it, it was the first time I had seen one since I was a kid. It was in rough condition. I ended up passing on the bike. On my way home, my mind began thinking - this is a 42 year old bike...and they are very difficult to find. Before I got back home, I knew I had made a mistake. I called the guy back the next morning and went back to pick up the bike. I bought it for $150.00.

It will require a complete restoration. I would guess 85-95% of the bike is there, but nearly 100% of it needs to be redone. To me, it will be worth all the work involved to be able to pass this down to my son someday. I think the JT2 is a great bike to learn riding fundamentals on, and who knows - it just might get its shot in Batman & Robin's sequel. I may upload some of these old videos for you to enjoy :dry:

I was thankful to run across a couple Yamaha groups on Facebook, but I was especially thankful to find a web resource like Vintage Yamaha Enduro Fans. You all have "been there" and "done that." My goal is to read everything I can find, develop some resources to aid me in this restoration, and contribute to this vintage Yamaha community.

It's good to be here!

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22 Feb 2014 19:56 #5

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Looking forward to seeing photos of your collection Dave!
22 Feb 2014 20:02 #6

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Replied by Makotosun on topic And just who do you think you are?

Man I love the period picture! Very cool.! If you want to embed pictures in your posts instead of the attachments, there is a "how to" in the first section of the forum!

Thanks for joining! We are looking forward to a robust and interactive menbership!
IF it isn't one thing, it's another.
22 Feb 2014 21:30 #7

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Replied by Scootern29 on topic And just who do you think you are?

Good Morning ladies and gents.

My name is Scott and I like motorcycles. I'm 57 years old and basically worn out. I work for the National Park Service at Joshua Tree National Park in Facilities Management.

I started riding minibikes in the late 60's and progressed from there. I was fortunate that when I graduated high school I was offered a job working for Curnutt Shocks working in the machine shop at first and then progressing into assembly and rebuilding shocks. I worked there from 1975 to 1982 as Charles shut down the bike shock production to focus on off road race cars, which he did himself.

I was out of bikes for a few years and resumed racing vintage bikes in 1988 mostly on CZ's but also had a gaggle of other bikes to the tune of close to 50. I won the 1992 CZ World Championship 250 expert class which was a highlight. I sold my collection and got out of bikes in 2001 and took up golf again after about a 12 year layoff.

Fast forward to mid 2010. I got back into bikes and bought a KTM 200. That wasn't enough so now I presently have a garage and side yard full of bikes, and four of them are mid 70's early 80's YZ's. This past year I have started rebuilding Curnutts for vintage bikes. I also sell rebuilt set's occasionally. They work real well on Yamaha Enduro's.

My most recent acquisitions are two Yamaha CT3's that I will be going through and restoring. I have gotten the "Enduro" bug. I had one years ago but forgot how much fun they are.


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23 Feb 2014 09:01 #8

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Replied by Makotosun on topic Re:And just who do you think you are?

Freshly she'd and ready to go! Sweet!

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IF it isn't one thing, it's another.
23 Feb 2014 09:25 #9

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Replied by GFrench on topic And just who do you think you are?

Welcome everyone!

Glad you have found and are part of this great new site!

If it ain't smokin', it's broken!
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1970 RT1 360
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1971 DT1 250
1971 DT1 250
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23 Feb 2014 20:13 #10

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