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DT1trans banner1 CustomWelcome to Vintage Yamaha Enduro Fans! You have just stumbled onto the greatest resource about these great bikes available! The bikes you rode (or really wanted to ride!) as a kid. Our main focus is two-strokes, but we also like the early 4-stroke models. The only limitation is it has to be air-cooled and built for the dirt! 

These are the original bikes that started it all back when every vacant lot was an impromptu race track. Parents weren't worried about getting sued for letting their neighbor's kids ride their kids' bike! Helmets were actually optional and the best bikes mixed oil in the fuel. Ethanol was not yet a bad idea!

iwata MobileYamaha stole the motorcycle scene in 1968 with their unstoppable DT1 250cc Enduro. They defined a new market for motorcycles - dual sports - designed for both street and off-road riding. The DT1 was equipped with universal tread tires and had enough ground clearance to navigate the back country. It had a 250 cc, single-cylinder, 5-port engine based on a motocross design, and Ceriani-type front suspension. A capable desert bike designed in California and built in the factory at Iwata, Japan.

The site will focus on stories of rides, restorations, customizations, and even those great stories from back in the day.

We have some great and talented writers and tons of hard-to-find information about all of the various models.
We have in residence in our forum and blogs some of the pre-emminent experts on tuning, restoring and riding these bikes. Some of our group used to be original Yamaha shop mechanics from back in the day. Some are amazing restoration experts. nevadatatSome have actually ridden the vintage bikes on lengthy trips - not back then but now! Of course, we have just as many newby types so don't feel intimidated asking basic questions.

The Best Site on the Internet for Vintage Yamaha Enduros!

We all still ride them and occasionally get together for what we like to call "EnduroFest" or "EnduroRide". Gatherings of the old bikes and their owners to ride, reminisce and ride some more! The have occurred in Southern California; Moab, Utah; and Ouray, Colorado!
We have Multi-Media and don't forget to visit our Youtube Channel! Dont't forget to our Facebook and other social media Pages!

techdrawingaThe site has the forum where you can get answers to your technical questions and add pics of your own projects. We also have blogs, downloadable manuals, and much, much more.

There is currently no membership fee, though donations to support the site are appreciated. We are considering a subscription model for certain upcoming advanced features, but for now the site is free. If you do donate, you get a neat special "badge" on your profile so everyone can see how cool you are!

Go to your Profile page and add an Avatar so folks will recognize you easily on the site.
Blog posts are simulcast onto our Facebook Page if you happen to be one of those types :) We have members from around the world. You will get to see pictures and memorabilia from Japan, Australia, South Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia in addition to the main US based membership. What are you waiting for?

We have an archive of dealer information (parts and service bullitens, brochures, etc) that will be slowly rolled out, including some things not previously seen in this country. 

We have the veritable human encyclopedia of enduros - EnduroNut on board! 

We have in residence "The Enduro Doctor", AKA DEET who restores ignitions, wiring harnesses, oil pumps, and bar controls like nobody's business!

JoeRT1BJoe Gresh, infamous noted feature editor for Motorcyclist Magazine has agreed to contribute a column where you can sit down and get a regular cuppa Joe.
We will also be adding other celebrity guest editors who will add their occasional article to the site. Good reading for all.

The original Vintage Trans America Trail groupe (GruppeTAT) are all present and accounted for. Vinnie the Snake is a regular contributor, and of course, your editor is the sometimes mechanically challenged Makotosun

The forum, as well as several other features are only available once you join the site. You need to be a member to participate in the ongoing discussion!

web helpYou will learn more about these bikes on this site than anywhere on the planet outside of the company archives in Japan. Welcome to the site and consider contributing your tales, photos and suggestions to make the community more robust!