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UK VIN Number Information

This information was collected by and provided to the site by member Nigew.

These blocks of DT twinshock VINs were supplied by Yamaha UK, except where stated otherwise.  They cover the DTs shown in the Yamaha model code list as specifically produced for Europe, except the 73 DT250 (model 408) and DT360 (model 407) which were never imported into the UK.  Given the end number of each batch is so precise it is assumed that they are the batch of VINs allocated to each model, by year, rather than a true reflection of exactly how many of each model were actually produced. 

DT100 (Model Code 1N1)

1976 VINs 1N1-000101 to 100000.

1977 VINs 1N1-100101 to 110000.

1978 VINs 1N1-110101 to 120000.

1979 VINs 1N1-120101 to 130000.

1980 VINs 1N1-130101 to 135000.


1973 DT125 AT2 (Model Code 411). No records available from Yamaha UK but, according to Haynes, VINs start at AT2- 100199.  Based on the way other bikes have been numbered it would seem logical that the VIN block for this model ended at AT2-103000.

1974 DT125 AT2 (Model Code 459).  VINs AT2-103101 to 110000.

1975 DT125 AT2 (Model Code 459).  VINs AT2-110101 to 200000.

1976 DT125F (Model Code 1F9).  VINs 1F9-000101 to 100000.

1977 DT125F (Model Code 1F9).  VINs 1F9-100101 to 110000. 


1974 (Model Code 460).  VINs AT2-605101 to 620000.

1975 (Model Code 460).  VINs AT2-620101 to 700000.

1976 (Model Code 1GO).  VINs 1G0-000101 to 100000.

1977 (Model Code 1GO).  VINs 1G0-100101 to 110000.

1978 (Model Code 1GO).  VINs 1G0-110101 to 120000.

1979 (Model Code 1GO).  VINs 1G0-120101 to 130000.


1973 DT175 CT1 (Model Code 415).  No records are available from Yamaha UK, who in the past have told people (me included) these bikes are a 69 CT1 (Model Code 251).  According to Haynes VINs start at CT1-300004; based on other batch end numbers it would seem likely that the VIN block for this model ended at CT1-303100. 

1974 DT175 CT1 (Model Code 458).  VINs CT1-303101 to 310000.

1975 DT175 CT1 (Model Code 458).  VINs CT1-310101 to 400000.

1976 DT175 (Model Code 1G1).  VINs 1G1-000101 to 100000. 

1977 DT175 (Model Code 1G1).  VINs 1G1-100101 to 110000.

DT250 (Model Code 512)

No details available from Yamaha UK; information courtesy of a UK DT forum member.

1975 512-0000101 to 0100100

1976 512-0100101 to 0200100 

DT400 (Model Code 513) 

No details available from Yamaha UK; information courtesy of a UK DT forum member. 

1975 513-0000101 to 0100100
1976 513-0100101 to 0200100