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Bent fin

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Replied by Ht1kid on topic Bent fin

I like the taper idea except I would leave it in and go for a ride maybe the heat would remold then let it cool down and remove the taper 
16 Nov 2023 07:05 #11

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Replied by 1971DT250 on topic Bent fin

I've straightened several bent fins on cylinders and cylinder heads. Some were worse than what you have. I heat them with a propane torch and use pliers or an adjustable wrench if it fits. Haven't broken one yet but with 7 spare NOS cylinders and 11 heads I'm prepared if one breaks.
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16 Nov 2023 07:49 #12

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Replied by Fozzy500 on topic Bent fin

Mauser - thanks for your suggestion - I tried it with wooden chocks between the higher fins and it worked. Got it almost back into position but the taper on my wooden block wasn't quite right to go all the way. Rather than make another block it gave me the confidence to do the last millimetre with a tyre lever like the suggestion from Sneazles61.
So job done - thanks to all.
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17 Nov 2023 11:15 #13

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Replied by MarkT on topic Bent fin

Nice job!!! 

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17 Nov 2023 11:29 #14

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