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Yamaha YM2C 305 project

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Yamaha YM2C 305 project was created by robrd

Hi all, I am about to start my next project, 1967 Yamaha YM2C 305 Big Bear but don't know anything about these. Mine appears to be complete apart from air box and skid plate, I have sourced an air box from over there in America and it is being shipped over to the UK but I can't find a skid plate anywhere, so if you have one I would be interested. Could any one tell me if this model was 6 volt or 12 volt, again I can't find it anywhere. Also, does anyone know if this model was fitted with indicators and a stop light, the rear bulb is a single element just for the rear light and also I can't find a brake light switch, the indicators have the switch on the hand controls but nothing else. Any information on this model would be gratefully received. Thanks for reading.
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23 Jun 2022 11:48 #1

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Replied by akara1 on topic Yamaha YM2C 305 project

Hello, I have the 250cc brother to your bike, the YDS5 and I have the service manual for it and YM2c and ive been meanin to scan it somehow.
Skid plate is the same as DS6 so you can look there as well.
Indicators were optional and 2 types were available, when fitted the flasher canister is mounted either in the headlight or under the seat.
It's a 12v battery ignition. Similar to DS6. Spark plug B8-HS The brake light is only triggered off the rear brake switch, there is no front brake switch.
Alasdair Cowen at ydsparts.com has the seals and such for the engine, base and head gaskets and such are the same as YM1. Yamaha banshee ATV clutch kit can be used. Diablo cycle sells decals and seat foam and covers for it. The original carbs can be finnicky with the spigot mounted causing air leaks, and the float needle seat is hard to find.
23 Jun 2022 21:32 #2

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Replied by robrd on topic Yamaha YM2C 305 project

Hi akara1, thank you for your reply it has answered my questions plus more. There was a hole in the original seat cover which I have repaired as the rest of it is in good condition, all it needed was a good soak in baby oil to soften it up. The foam had hardened and crumbled but fortunately I had a block of foam and I shaped it into a new base, all looking good now. I have stripped the carbs down and apart from the usual rubbish inside all appears to be good, jets all free and clean and float needles are seating well. If you could scan the service manual that would be superb. I think that the skid plate is going to be hard to find so I will probably end up making one. I know this is a shot in the dark but is there a way of trying to trace the last owner of the bike from the frame number, all I know is that it came from north America and it would be nice to know a little bit of it's history. Unfortunately it never came with any information at all.
24 Jun 2022 03:09 #3

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