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The Rules of the Game

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The Rules of the Game was created by yamadmin


The owner, the moderators and/or the members of this forum cannot be held liable for any losses or damages, express or implied, that may result from heeding such "advice" or "recommendations" from this forum. All advice posted is generally opinion and may be given without having all pertinent facts of your issue. All advice or recommendations are given without any warranty, either explicit or implied.

The owner, the moderator(s) and members of this forum and this website are not professional Yamaha service personnel (unless specifically stated) and give free information to the best of their knowledge based on information you post. If you are not comfortable with working on your own bike, before acting on any advice involving any concern for safety or property, please consult an authorized Yamaha Dealer or properly trained service professional.

Use of the forum constitutes your agreement that you have read and understand this and agree to hold harmless all moderators and all members from any and all legal encumbrances.

By joining this forum, you agree to maintain a valid email address and agree that we may periodically send an email to verify your email address. If the email bounces back, the account will be deleted. You may also receive limited notices from the site announcing new features or events.

Material Posted on the site including photos, written content, opinions, news, etc., becomes community property and "poster" grants The Yamaha Vintage Enduro Fans and it's related entities the irrevocable right to any material posted here and further agrees not to delete the content or photos posted as doing so disrupts the ability of other members to follow threads. By posting, you agree to this and agree not to request compensation of any kind for any material posted.

If you wish to post a time limited thread (one that "times out" after a certain number of days, please obtain permission from a moderator or administrator.


The Administrator or authorized Moderators of this site reserves the right to ban any member at any time for any reason without notice. Posts that are considered rude, of an objectionable nature, critical or of any nature deemed inappropriate by the Administrator, may result in being banned from the site. Banning would always be a last option.


Banner Advertising will soon be available on www.Yamaha-enduros.com - Please inquire.
Banner Ad size is 150 x 300 pixels.

If you wish to use the forums to advertise a commercial service or product, please inquire of the administrator for details. We are developing vendor boards which can focus on your products. If we set up such a board, we expect you will monitor the activity there and respond to questions and requests for information. You may receive both positive and negative comments and we expect you will respect other's opinions and engage in civil discourse on topic.

We currently do not charge for use of the forum for vendors to promote their products, though if you find the site helpful to increase your sales, we would hope you would find it in your heart to contribute something to the site costs. We reserve the right to modify this policy, including requireing some payment for commercial ventures. You will be notified in advance and have ample opportunitiy to opt out of such fees. Generally, if you wish to promote your business on these forums, we will expect you to become a supporting vendor.

These rules do not apply to individuals listing used or one-of-a-kind items either on the forums or the classified section.

Failure to make appropriate arrangements for such endeavors will subject the violator to possible sanctions.. It is our expectation that we will be putting forth a full advertising policy and will expect commercial accounts to follow that policy once it is posted.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at:
Vintage Yamaha Enduro Fans
PO Box 1824
Longview, WA 98632
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Each day follows the last like some sad marching band with no leader. Tuesday is the tuba.

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