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1973 DT3 250 clutch adjustment

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1973 DT3 250 clutch adjustment was created by yama man

How to clutch adjustment
30 Jan 2023 17:20 #1

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Replied by RT325 on topic 1973 DT3 250 clutch adjustment

On the left side under a two screw small cover you have a locknut & center adjuster. First back off the cable at the handle bar lever, then crack the nut loose down below & take up the free play on the center screw. Take it up to contact the pushrod then back it out 1/4 turn & lock up the nut. Then take up any cable play to leave a bit off free play at the lever. That's how i do it but after 50 years things don't go to plan. So the nut might not want to free as will turn the lot & push the clutch pushrod. I hope not or you'll need a plan to overcome that by blocking the arm behind the cover--easy for me as my cover is broken & accessable behind. Also the cable needs to be nice & free moving or can help towards clutch slip if it doesn't let go to be free down at the arm. Next thing--or first thing--is the operating worm--called actuator--splits on those & gets very tight to pull the clutch in as it expands at the split nylon part when the lever is pulled. So be sure of that if you're having issues like i described.
First thing 'is' are you having problems causing you to need to adjust?.
Sorry if i'm making a pigs ear of a straight forward job but just covering bases just incase.
& me doing everything back to front--Welcome from NZ if you're new. Hope you enjoy the forum. Others will be along soon likely with easier to understand instructions. All good.
One more thing & after a few edits haha--'if the nylon actuator is split, you loose about half your lifting movement with it trying to lift but getting nowhere untill the lever is about halway through its usable movement.
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30 Jan 2023 22:36 #2

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