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Effects of fouled spark plugs

31 Jul 2020 20:57
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Effects of fouled spark plugs #1

I ride my 74 at4 (Dt125a modified) 10-30 miles every other day at least. Always seems like I need to adjust the air/fuel screw and then idle speed according to the temp/humidity to run the best it will typically, I do it when the mid throttle goes flat as in too rich or lean. I was wrong. I cleaned the plugs, which were only 3-4 wks old with carb cleaner and then a wire wheel and then regapped to .020 on a whim. I learned something there. The flat running was due fouled plugs! These things will educate you if you listen well enough.
On another deal, I just got a free exhaust guard with a lightly used pipe off of Endurobay out of Utah. I like Utah...... I needed another guard because they’re flimsy and prone to cracking. Only 2 out of four that I have are usable.

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