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MR 80

19 Feb 2020 06:46
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MR 80 #1
Hey all- glad to find you here!
Got an unusual bike-- believe its an 1983(?) YAmaha MR80. My research leads me to believe its a JDM only. My Buddy's buddy brought it back from where he was stationed w/US Air Force overseas back in 80's.
It ran 10 yrs ago but lost compression "due to ring wear." They re-ringed it but didn't do crank seals... So it was losing compression after few mins of riding. (this is all secondhand info from him) So they parked it and it sat for past 10 years under a lean-to outside. Tank is roached clear through from inside out with big holes. Carb needs replaced- sat with ethanol gas ate up insides, motor is not locked up. I have the keys and orig tool pouch etc. ITs 100% complete except for muffler guard.

Couple questions--very difficult to find info on this bike--even Google seems mostly stumped!!.
Are motor internals shared with GT80? Or some other Yamaha 80cc model...
And will a MX or GT80 tank fit it?

Just struggling to locate info on parts and really any info on this model. Especially with the square headlight. Thanks in advance! Doug

I posted in New Member forum but realized I should really ask the tech questions here probably

ns over here.

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21 Feb 2020 02:53
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MR 80 #2
Very cool. I have no info on this but ill bet one of the more knowledgeable dudes on here will. Good luck with this project and please keep this thread updated. We love pics here!

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