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75 dt125b clean up, repair, & service

12 Oct 2019 04:40
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75 dt125b clean up, repair, & service #1
Not gonna restore it, been looking for a 400, but it's a lo miler thats been mistreated and getting it in shape and rideable again is my goal here. Took some stuff off yesterday (waiting for parts cleaner to return) I'm punishing him for being brutal on his (recently purchased 1200 mile virgin 75 honda ct90) trans. Had a simple selector stop arm break thats repairable in a couple hours, did that and while fishing for broken roller found it AND a piece of the slider (fork) from Mr. Force Shift who had to ride it to show his sister. Parts total was a paltry 170.00 and that wasn't enough to teach a lesson, LOL! Case back together & I should have finished it, but I was having one of those days.. you know them, brain fade, hands won't work, extra work to "hone slider" with a wheel cylinder hone (I didn't have anymore) as it would not freely slide on barrel. So I stopped, took a few pics of 125 b 4 dissasembling any more, and called my 4 hr day done @ 5pm. I'll start BBQ'ing 125 exhaust while I finish ct motor, & maybe get some more off 125 for him to clean!

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