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'72 at2, should I?

28 Jun 2020 18:36
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'72 at2, should I? #11
Yes, I noticed the free socket included with the sale, as well as a small vice grip which was used in place of a petcock ;)

Kawasaki triple isn't surprising, when you look into oil pump issues on the old Suzuki's, you end up reading a lot about the various Kawasaki triple oil pump issues as Kawasaki and Suzuki both used Mikuni oil pumps, and at higher miles the pump crank shaft seal is prone to wearing into the potmetal housing, and the Kawasaki seal which superseded the original is too tight, and doesn't let the lever return via the original spring, causing a real headache be it on a Suzi or Kawa, did my third tear-down of the TS185 oil pump today. Should have just left a drip pan under it from the beginning. Yamaha made the correct choice to make their own oil pump.

Love to see a highest miles thread for the old enduros before anything fancy like cylinder plating. This is the outlier in my garage, CT2 has under 5k on it and TS185 about 1500.

1972 Yamaha CT2 175
1972 Suzuki TS 185 Sierra
2006 Yamaha XT225

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29 Jun 2020 01:07
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'72 at2, should I? #12
Gr8auntiepat's RD200DX (smaller version of the RD400, but not sold in the US) has just under 29k miles on it.

It was her first bike and she bought it (under my guidance!) in 1981.

It doesn't get taken out very much now, but I start it most days. It's one of those "part of the family" bikes that will never get sold.

I've seen some very high mileages on the Suzuki GT750 Kettle/Water Buffalo.
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30 Jun 2020 19:16
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'72 at2, should I? #13
I’ve wondered the same also. It would be an interesting thread. Some guy on bookface claimed 45,000 on an rt2 if I remember correctly. But hey, it’s bookface, so is it real?

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