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CT1 Crank shaft

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CT1 Crank shaft was created by Itandrew

Hello All,

Does anyone have any input on if a CT1B crankshaft will work on a CT3?  I have a rebuilt CT1B crank but a bad crank on a CT3 and would like to just swap out.

Didn't know if there was any issues with stator, etc.  The parts schematics aren't real clear if parts match year to year (to me at least).

Thanks for the input!

14 Apr 2021 18:25 #1

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Replied by nhsteve on topic CT1 Crank shaft

Maybe check a parts manual for the 2 and compare part numbers for a start? Check Partzilla, Speed and Sport, and....? (can't recall the other site other members use). If the same part #'s are on both models, you should have some assurance then that they are compatible. 
16 Apr 2021 12:09 #2

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Replied by RT325 on topic CT1 Crank shaft

I looked on the parts list when you originally put the question up but list pics gets a bit confusing so thought--keep out of it. But if i'd not gone there i'd have said they'll swap although might have different rod length going piston port to reed piston. But now i don't know!!. Wouldn't think the taper would change although the CT1 flywheel was heavier than CT3. So this is me keeping out!!.
16 Apr 2021 15:59 #3

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Replied by MarkT on topic CT1 Crank shaft

Two basic designs on clutch side...  splined and keyed.  I think both the CT1 and CT3 still had the splined type...  all the 175 splined type are identical part numbers.

Ignition side had minor design changes but not enough that it should make a difference.  Actual ignition taper is the same from 69-81. Thread length and maybe some minor things are different.  I've swapped parts across various years and never had a problem.  My guess is there's at least a 99% chance it will work fine. 

If there is any difference it will be on the ignition side stub.
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16 Apr 2021 21:38 #4

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