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logosmallNOTICE:  If you are not a free registered member of the site, you will not see the photos in the forum, and you won't be able to access our premium member content. Please consider joining our community!


Collected Enduro and other related Vintage Advertisements. If you have these, we prefer them in PDF. You can directly upload your files preferably in PDF by going to your User Menu up top and clicking on the Large File Uploader link. If you don't want to join the site, but still would like to contribute a file, please send it to admin@yamaha-enduros.comIf you are not an administrator or Editor, your file will not immediately appear on the page, as we review all submissions for clarity, completeness and legality. Thanks for your understanding!


Some time ago user DEVIN asked us to do up some business cards so he could help promote the site when he saw and old bike sitting somewhere or was at bike events. We finally go around to doing some up! They print 10 to a page on any Avery 8370 compatible business card stock available at your local busness supply store!

Hodaka Story

Articles and ads about Hodaka motorcycles from 1970 AMA magazine.

Ad for Yamaha in the de Touquet Ralley in France - donated by user Twist Grip