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Event Liability Disclaimer

Disclaimer of Liability for Events


Events listed on Yamaha-Enduros.com or any other site affiliated with Vintage Yamaha Enduro Fans is NOT sponsored by us. Event listings are provided without any warranty, and users should contact the individual event organizers for questions about any particular event.


Events such as EnduroRIDE and EnduroFest are trademarked names owned by their creators and are used on this site for reference only. These rides are merely scheduled times when enduro lovers can connect with other enduro lovers and ride.


Each person is on their own for Food, Lodging, Fuel and any supplies that you will need.

No one Person, Place, Organization or Website is sponsoring this event, or is in charge. There is ZERO profit associated with this or any of the products sold - (Jersey's etc.).

This is merely an invite for an informal gathering of Friends - Forum Members and Family Members to get out and ride.


Websites/Forums are used only to communicate the information and it is solely up to each Individual to attend on their own and to assume all Risks or Liabilities resulting from their attendance/riding in this invite. If you choose to participate in any ride or other activity you do so solely at your own risk. DO NOT  participate in any activity which you feel may be over your personal skill level. You are responsible for making the decision to ride along.


Again - any planned ride is merely a welcome for anyone to join if they choose but ALL Risk and Liability is solely yours.