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More Baffling Creativity . . .

More Baffling Creativity . . .

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............great memories!  I too loved going "au natural" in the exhaust department.

Yup, pulled the baffle out of the old CT70 and couldn't believe what I had gained!!!!!!!  It was like adding two more cards to my bike spokes!!!!!!!!!  Really!!!!!!!!!

Then came the 250 CZ Twinport.  My mom took me and my little CT70 to Yamaha East.......aka "Jew East" and I met up with the old salesman Chuck.  He pulled out the bright yellow twinport and of course, it wouldn't start.  We pushed and pushed down the side street til it finally lit.  Briefly.  Mom heard those glorious twin stacks and saw the billowing blue smoke and she told me it was "too loud."  Uggggghhhhh........I was forced to buy not one, but two "Bassani" clamp on silencers.  The backs of the pipes were so mangled that it was hard to get either one to grip in place.

I would go riding at the sawdust piles/ Kmart hills and usually at some point, one or both of the costly silencers would fall off.  Then I had to backtrack to find the little gems in the rough.  All said and done, to this day, I remember that I got ONE, yes ONE good day of riding out of that beast.  Once the Czech kick starter return spring broke and it always had to be pushed to start, its fate was cast. Sold it to Brian Macy who mixed 90 WT gear lube with the gas (cuz you have to mix oil in the gas in a two stroke don't you know) it sat and eventually went away.  Wish I had her now................uncooperative as she was, she was a...............Chay Zed!!!!!!!!!!!


Tom Walker

aka......."Tommy Twinport"


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