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Reader's Notes

Stories from our Staff and Reader Contributions about Enduros, Motorcycles and Riding. An occasional product, book or ride review will also find its way into these pages! Subscribe for notice of updates!
Posts of featured readers, from other blogs (with permission and attribution) and other articles submitted by other than our editorial staff! 

More Baffling Creativity . . .

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............great memories!  I too loved going "au natural" in the exhaust department. Yup, pulled the baffle out of the old CT70 and couldn't believe what I had gained!!!!!!!  It was like adding two more cards to my bike spokes!!!!!!!!!  Really!!!!!!!!! Then came the 250 CZ Twinport.  My mom took me and my little CT70 to Yamaha East.......aka "Jew East" and I met up with the old salesman Chuck.  He pulled out the bright yellow twinport and of course, it wouldn't start.  We pushed and pushed down the side street til it finally lit.  Briefly.  Mom heard those glorious twin stacks and saw...
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Keep the Baffle In!

Yamahas did rule back then for sure. But I only had the money for a 1970 Kawasaki F4, 450.00 bucks all earned by chucking the Oregonian onto porches every morning. Year round. And delivering a version of a Thrifty Nickel. Which upon collection, was a voluntary donation.  Looking back, a very clever parental,ploy to get me out of the house. Thanks to my good buddy Tom Walker, who forwarded me the CL ad for a 69 F4. Silver tank then , blue in 1970. I now own a small piece of Tom Young memory, physically. They never come up for sale....
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Dirt Bikes – Riding a bike anywhere you want

Before we talk about what dirt biking brings to life, let’s clear some things out first. Riding a dirt bike is not for everyone; it should not be taken likely or underestimated in any kind of way. Especially for people who enjoy riding tour bikes and would like to try out dirt biking. Riding a dirt bike is different than riding a street bike in many ways, and the point of riding a dirt bike is not to ride it slowly but to be explosive and agile. It is not for people who don’t like a sense of danger and...
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The Last Real Enduro - 1973 Yamaha RT3 360 - by Matt Cuddy

1973 RT3
1973 RT31
Yamaha DT360 74
70cc powered wheelchair
The last real enduro built by Yamaha came out in 1973, and while upgraded with a 21 front wheel, reed valves and a gussied up paint scheme, it was still true to the original Yamaha Enduro design that came out in 1968, down to the frame, motor and basic layout. The enduro that I liked best was the big one, the 360. And since I owned one in high school, it has a special place in my heart as both an evil handling, ankle exploding terror, and a rock solid reliable motorcycle, that seemed to thrive on abuse. The handler....
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Germans Like the DT400 Too!

I discovered the little write up about the DT400 by Michael Hämmerle while looking for some other information. It has been google translated from the original German which can be viewed HERE   No everyday motorcycle - for freaks only !   by Michael Hämmerle read at Motorradtest.net   No everyday motorcycle - for freaks only !   The DT 400 MX is an absolute exotic in the world of motorcycles. It is outrageously loud, pulls while driving a smelly two-stroke exhaust plume behind him , burns an incredible amount of gasoline per 100 KM and has become very rare in...
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