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Vintage Yamaha Enduro Rumblings

Stories from our Staff and Reader Contributions about Enduros, Motorcycles and Riding. An occasional product, book or ride review will also find its way into these pages! Subscribe for notice of updates!

Great old MX360 Road Test

74 MX360A
This article is excerped from a Motocross Action Magazine  from 1974 and is reprinted here for preservation of information. The article was timely and contains great information for a restoration buff or a VMX racer.   “Used to know this dude that lived out in the middle of a big swamp in south Georgia down amongst the cotton mouths, red ants and chig­gers. He was what we used to call a good ol’ boy—made downright ex­cellent home brew he called “Mother’s Milk” and had this big, mangy dog he just called “Yaller.” Which made sense, because he was. Anyway, Yaller was...
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Home from Hodaka Days 2014

Preston Petty and my Son!
So for those of you with a bit of Chrome Tank in your genes, a little update from Hodaka Days - 2014 ! My son and I made our annual pilgrimmage to Athena, Oregon for the gathering of the faithful collectors of Hodakas. Often called "the Little brand that Could", Hodaka ceased manufacturing motorcycles in 1978 for a lot of reasons, few related to how well their product was made or performed. The brand is supported by The Hodaka Club and numerous vendors committed to the ongoing survival of the bikes. This year, 2014, was the 50 year celebration of the...
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Manuals galore for Registered Members

78 DT125E DT175E and MX Service Manual Cover
So we have been collecting, scanning and some uploading of some really great materials for the home mechanic, bike restoration specialist, and even the curious onlooker. We have available the Factory Service manuals for virtually every early (twin shock) enduros and quite a few of the monoshocks. We have decided as we find them, we will also be posting up anything on the TY Trials models, the MX versions and the IT models. Eventually we may move into the YZ and have a few downloads that pertain to those bikes already.   We have added a few of the owner's manuals,...
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Germans Like the DT400 Too!

I discovered the little write up about the DT400 by Michael Hämmerle while looking for some other information. It has been google translated from the original German which can be viewed HERE   No everyday motorcycle - for freaks only !   by Michael Hämmerle read at Motorradtest.net   No everyday motorcycle - for freaks only !   The DT 400 MX is an absolute exotic in the world of motorcycles. It is outrageously loud, pulls while driving a smelly two-stroke exhaust plume behind him , burns an incredible amount of gasoline per 100 KM and has become very rare in Germany...
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Riding Colorado- 2014

It was a spectacular day for riding on Tuesday and had a great time.   Nice warm sunshine today- low to mid 80's with a little cool Colorado breeze-Perfect.   Thanks Larry (DTbop) for coming along- Always fun to ride with a fellow Enduroholic and hang out.   Penrose Commons - This area will test your stamina and skill set in some areas for sure and is one heck of good work out!   Couple areas I got winded pretty good but it is a must to get into riding shape to make those longer summer rides that much more enjoyable.  ...
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