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Vintage Yamaha Enduro Rumblings

Stories from our Staff and Reader Contributions about Enduros, Motorcycles and Riding. An occasional product, book or ride review will also find its way into these pages! Subscribe for notice of updates!

Classified Information! REVEALED!

no fees
We have re-introduced our Classifed Advertising Section . It is new and improved, completely re-coded, and ready for you to post up your items for Sale! You can even advertise for things you are looking for, just post into the Wanted section! We have even added an option for you to list your Paypal e-mail address, so a purchaser can simply click on the Buy Now option and pay you for the item directly! It just doesn't get any easier! If you are one of our supporting vendors with products to sell, consider this another option. There are not a lot...
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Sydney to London . . . The Long Ride Home - Book Review

Long Ride Home
May - 2005. Nathan Millward began to document {tip Tooltip Title::Sydney to London on a105cc Honda callled Dot}his journey from Sydney, Australia to London, England on a Honda CT110{/tip} (AKA a Postie) on the ADVRider forum . Mesmerized, folks followed along. Since the thread began, it has had more than 1,505,600 views as of this writing.   When he finished, he took a lot of that thread and wrote a book, Sydney to London . . . The Long Ride Home, a journal of the trip.   For those of you who like to read about adventure, but even more, the back...
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Wow! Download Section growing like a Beanstalk! Merci'!

beanstalk z
73 DT3 Adventure - French cover
We have been adding documents that are available currently for any registered member on our website! Our user Twist Grip   has been scanning old FRENCH Yamaha Enduro Road Tests and other cool literature!   Can you say: {tip Tooltip Title::Our Downloads are growing like a Beanstalk!}Nos téléchargements sont de plus en plus comme un haricot magique!{/tip}   These things are really cool, and if you can read French, that is just a bonus. Different models posed in exotic places, with romantic text flowed around the pictures! (Everyone Knows that French is the language of LOVE and of course we all love...
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EnduroFest 2014- Ouray, Colorado

 photo d21f7055-75e7-49e2-ae36-1b74a6c6fae7.jpg
 photo CIMG2521-1.jpg
 photo 6108_7706_Telluride_Resort_Town_Gondola_md.jpg
 photo YankeeBoyBasinRoadcd533.jpg
 photo QueenAnnsLaceYBBcd41516.jpg
 photo Summer2007550.jpg
 photo horsethiefSunbeams.jpg
    Will soon be time to load up and hit the road bound for Ouray, Colorado!   We are now just 38 Days away from arriving/setting up EnduroFest 2014!   I always look forward to meeting up with my fellow vintage Yamaha Enduro buddies from all areas of the country.   Will get to meet some new folks as we have a few first time EnduroFest attendees coming in for this event-  one coming all the way from Brooklyn, NY!     We will be arriving Wednesday, August 20th and will have 4 full days of riding in one of the...
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Ozzie Update

AA little update:  not Yamaha-related.   We finished our initial plan of tackling 3 iconic Outback tracks-the Oodanatta, Tanami, and Gibb River Road.  We threw in The Painted desert and a few side tracks for around 3500 kilometers of dirt.   The Patrol is running sweet, sipping fuel and keeping us warm and dry.  So we made it to Darwin and asked ourselves "Is that all there is?"   Turns out, no.  Next up the York peninsula in tbe far North-East corner of Australia.   More to follow.
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