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Vintage Yamaha Enduro Musings

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Godzilla has a Transdectomy - Part 2

So here we are again. Last time we had just discovered the Holy Gear inside of Godzilla's belly. In this next little flick, we will continue close to where we left off!     So there you have it. Don't even think of trying to do this at home without first obtaining a seriously good manual and reading through the process before you start. What's that you say? You already tore into it following along my video? Hmmm. Good thing it is difficult to serve process in Australia . . .   Thanks for following along!
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Godzilla has a Transdectomy - Part 1

After following Vinnie the Snake around the country with the GruppeTAT on the Trans America Trail, Godzilla was in sad shape. The bike had always run and shifted like the old dinosaur that she was, all the right up until she didn't. These old bikes are kind of like that. I decided to go in for the kill.     Stay tuned for {tip That means TWO for your internationally challenged readers!::Tooltip text}Part Deux . . .{/tip}
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Where the Hell is Mark? TAT 1-A

Markand bike
As some of you may recall, Motoguy, AKA Mark, was the 5th member of the Vintage TAT team. He was also the first member to fall prey to mechanical difficulties. He was riding an RT 360 of questionable lineage and reputation, which seemed to run fine at low speeds, but had issues as he would go faster. No amount of fiddling in the pre-ride mechancal work seemed to help. It almost seemed to be bumping up against a wall. The infamous 360 - a last minute custom fender mount was hacked together onsite by Makotosun Design - hard to fess up...
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The Vintage Trans America Trail Ride - Part 1

gruppe trans full
tat3 002
tat3 003
  It all started one evening on a vintage bike forum. Vinnie the Snake (AKA Baoktiger) had dropped a loaded bomb on June 7, 2006 in a dark and quiet chat room. In retrospect it seemed harmless enough: Ok, I have a decision to make. Time to decide if I am going to try to ride my 1976 DT400C Mountain Bike or my 2005 XR650L from Oklahoma to Colorado and visit the backroads of America, aka Phase 1.Phase 1 - Leave from the Tulsa area and ride to a preselected point in Colorado. Been researching the TransAm Trail. I dont know...
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In the garage must be one bike, even if does not drive, but there is a chance to drive.

{tip Tooltip Title::In the garage must be one of the bike, even if does not drive, but there is a chance to drive.}Tallissa pitää olla joku pyörä, vaikkei ei aja, mutta on olemassa mahdollisuus ajamiseen.{/tip}   Greetings to all from Northern Europe, from Finland.   I am 63 years old, and the time it takes goes so fast that it can not understand. Since I was a little boy I have been interested in motorcycles and cars, especially their competitions. I drove my first flat track race on a 1974 Suzuki TM400. I drove mostly flat track races, but I also...
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