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Vintage Yamaha Enduro Rumblings

Stories from our Staff and Reader Contributions about Enduros, Motorcycles and Riding. An occasional product, book or ride review will also find its way into these pages! Subscribe for notice of updates!

Welcome Matt Cuddy to our Editorial Staff!

For those of you who are completely out of the loop, Matt Cuddy is a motorcyclists Motorcyclist. A man with Blendzall coursing through his veins.   Matt was unfortunatly in a non-fault accident with a Camry or some such thing leaving his two-wheeled days behind. His endless spirit does not let him pine away however. Matt spends his time rebuilding vintage motors of all types and creating unique transport items such as his Honda powered Beach Chair!   Matt has agreed to add his collective talent and wit to our Editorial Staff and will be contributing articles of interest to us...
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EnduroRide- 2015 Planned Events

So as the 2014 Riding Season starts to come to an end for me... I have been reflecting back on 2014 and what a great year it has been.   I was able to travel to California to ride the Mojave Desert on my 1980 YZ 465 to many trails in the general area on my 1984 Yamaha IT490-  Was awesome!   To Ouray, Colorado in late August on my Yamaha RT1 360 "Black Widow"- WOW!!   So it is now time to start thinking about 2015 to get plans in place for two really great events that will make up...
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The Last Real Enduro - 1973 Yamaha RT3 360 - by Matt Cuddy

1973 RT3
1973 RT31
Yamaha DT360 74
70cc powered wheelchair
The last real enduro built by Yamaha came out in 1973, and while upgraded with a 21 front wheel, reed valves and a gussied up paint scheme, it was still true to the original Yamaha Enduro design that came out in 1968, down to the frame, motor and basic layout. The enduro that I liked best was the big one, the 360. And since I owned one in high school, it has a special place in my heart as both an evil handling, ankle exploding terror, and a rock solid reliable motorcycle, that seemed to thrive on abuse. The handler. A...
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Become a Contributor and get Instant Fame and . . .

writiers school
DT125MX Ad - French cover
So you always used to read those ads in the back of the magazines at the barber shops or on matchbooks promising fame and fortune if you were to simply send in a $29.95 check to "The Famous Writers School" and think - I could do that! You fancied yourself a soul mate with our famous author picture up top. (If you don't recognize him, the spoiler is at the end!) There are a number of ways to get your name published. You could come to the site and simply post up in the forum section. Tell us about your bike...
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Generational Enduroholism - or - Passing the Torch!

image 2014-08-11
I got back into vintage enduros when my son hit about 3 years of age. Took him along to purchase the infamous AT1 that kick-started the collection. I knew I wanted to teach him to ride, but knew my spouse would weigh in.   That started the search for a mini. Another new area for me at that time - not having had one since I was about 9.   We found a Z50 project that was a lot more project than I thought, but worth it, as it became his first bike, and the picture of what was to come....
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