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Vintage Yamaha Enduro Rumblings

Stories from our Staff and Reader Contributions about Enduros, Motorcycles and Riding. An occasional product, book or ride review will also find its way into these pages! Subscribe for notice of updates!
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Wow! Download Section growing like a Beanstalk! Merci'!

Wow! Download Section growing like a Beanstalk! Merci'!

beanstalk zWe have been adding documents that are available currently for any registered member on our website! Our user Twist Grip has been scanning old FRENCH Yamaha Enduro Road Tests and other cool literature!


Can you say: {tip Tooltip Title::Our Downloads are growing like a Beanstalk!}Nos téléchargements sont de plus en plus comme un haricot magique!{/tip}


73 DT3 Adventure - French coverThese things are really cool, and if you can read French, that is just a bonus. Different models posed in exotic places, with romantic text flowed around the pictures! (Everyone Knows that French is the language of LOVE and of course we all love our Enduros.


You can find them in the Miscellaneous Publications section of the website! Of course you do have to be a registered member to get there, but of course that currently is FREE!


We also have many useful wiring diagrams, Service Manuals, some owners manuals, and lots of cool old vintage racing and performance articles. More being added daily.


If you happen to have any neat old articles, flyers, or other memorabilia having to do with any of the vintage Yamahas, please consider scanning them into either JPG or PDF formats and send them to us.  You will get one of our nifty "Content Contributor" badges on your forum profile so the world will know you are just AWSOME!



If you are looking for a specific article or manual, let us know and we can see if it can be found. Please do NOT send Clymer manuals, as these are still being sold and it would not be kosher to post things like that!

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EnduroFest 2014- Ouray, Colorado

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