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Vintage Yamaha Enduro Rumblings

Stories from our Staff and Reader Contributions about Enduros, Motorcycles and Riding. An occasional product, book or ride review will also find its way into these pages! Subscribe for notice of updates!
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Hello Everyone!

french1I want to introduce myself and let everyone know how excited I am to be part of this great new Vintage Yamaha Enduro site!
I will be sharing a lot about my myself in French's Fireside Lounge and my passion for these great Early model 2 Stroke Yamaha Enduro's.

I am very blessed to own many Yamaha Enduro models and to have the ability to bring them back to their original condition. I take great pride in riding all of my bikes as they are not meant to sit on a pedestal and just be looked at!


Living in Colorado- I have the opportunity to ride and see some of the most amazing scenery in all of the world and I do capture it with lots of photos and riding videos and will be sharing all of them with you in the days and months to come.

Hope you enjoy this new site and please check in often as there are some GREAT Folks on this site that will be sharing their Expertise and wealth of knowledge and very proud to call all of them my friends!

Talk to you soon- Greg French

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