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16 Jan 2019
Tonight we were hit with a spammer which was caught by Enduronut. The user has been banned, hopefully we will be able to nip this in the bud. Please if you notice spam being posted, shoot an email to me at makotosun1@gmail.com so I can act quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience. apparently our defenses are not perfect. MAKO
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TOPIC: TY125 just aquired looked pretty-ish............

TY125 just aquired looked pretty-ish............ 06 Oct 2018 12:50 #1

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but looks are deceiving! In the excitement -yea I'm sad- of buying this bike and having the seller saying it was "renovated" which obviously doesn't translate to the same meaning I had in mind (I'm english living in france) he seemed like a nice boy plus I had no time to spare so I knocked him down a hundred euros loaded it and left trying to get back in time to collect some parts from the local motorists supplier before they closed so I could finish a clients car that evening that I'd abandoned in the afternoon to go see the TY.
And yea you'll all say I should have looked properly but it wouldn't have stopped me buying it as it's the first chance I've had for one at it's price and when I had the cash in my pocket
I'll start the ball rolling showing a pic of inside the fuel tank taken with my 15 euro chinese endoscope.
I know it's been done over a load of times before but I'll post pics of how I go on
I guess there will be many more pics of discovered problems to follow.
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TY125 just aquired looked pretty-ish............ 06 Oct 2018 14:38 #2

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Looking forward to following your progress! We didn't get a TY125 here in the USA.

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