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Electrical Gremlins with my Quad

19 Sep 2020 01:38
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Electrical Gremlins with my Quad #1
Electrical gremlins with my quad. I don't really know what i'm doing, but hatched a plan. Old Faithful TRX300 has had erratic charging for ages then recently the motor would stop randomly with no spark. I recalled many years ago when i worked in a Honda shop that there's a link to do with the alternator where the ignition source coil is earthed through the alternator phases--somehow-- & if the triple yellow plug was pulled from the regulator rectifier it wouldn't run. Anyhow--today i was opening the farm gate & turned around to see smoke pouring from under the left rear guard. Back of the Reg was melting. The smell you can never get rid off lol. Unplugged the wires to it & rang wife for a tow home. So, million pound ten for a new one although cheap from china ebay if i wanted to wait, & have a couple of things 'not' arriving lately that i bought ages ago so a bit wary under this Covid thing. So got an old Yamy rectifier & temporarily wired it in & earthed one phase of the yellow then ran one to the rectifier. Would only start & keep running while the start button was held in, which is all it would do with original Reg removed. So still confused as could plug in the original Reg with only the earth & triple yellow connected, not the battery & it'd run--quickly but smoke!!, on AC i suppose. Was about to give up but tried moving the connections around one plug & it ran & charges.--Charges too much if i rev it hard--saw 16 volts, but be ok for the low rev use i work it at. But then found an old Honda trail bike AC 12 volt Reg--a version of the Yamaha finned 6 volt AC ones, & did a temporary experiment & works a treat. Holds it back to a safe charge. I don't use the lights so doesn't need the extra charge that the original regulator would keep in order with the three phases connected. Now i have to tidy the wiring & hang the rectifier somewhere. Should be good "he said hopefully" haha. As my old boss used to say when getting a tradein bike ready for sale,--Fix It But "Don't" Spend Any Money.

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