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Engine builder

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Replied by Rick C. on topic Engine builder

Chris, The last thing I wanted to do was make you mad. NOT my intention . I'm Sorry for that.

That said, I DID read your first post. I understand we all have other things that take up ALL our time.
Some of us have barely 10 minutes a night to do some wrenching on these bikes, as we all have other things in life..to do.
To some, it's a hobby, to some it's a life style to try and jog into our hectic " OTHER " schedule. But we get it done with help from here. EVEN if its little by little work.
I applaud your wanting to help out a youngster with his project.

As for the "Lost " comment, We get a bunch of Newbies that ask a question , and just go away. Which is kinda sad.
Glad you are sticking around !!!
Greg is correct ( GFrench )
I was outta line. Don't be so thin skinned. WE are all here to help out on this.
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Replied by Chriss4706 on topic Engine builder

Sorry for going off guys. I realize your all trying to help. Thanks!
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06 Aug 2019 06:43 #12

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Replied by Mothersbaugh on topic Engine builder

All is forgiven. Post up every now and then, pictures included, and we'll be happy. :Buds
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Replied by Hammer on topic Engine builder

I'd love to help you, but as members here might remember, I was in a MVA during the transition from Johnson Valley to Hungry Valley when I was T-boned outside Lancaster. I'm over most of the troubles by now, but my arthritis and broken back (old injury) are letting me know they're there...I CAN recommend Duncan's Racing in El Cajon. They're primarily ATVs these days, but it can't hurt to ask. We used to use them when I was Service Manager at Valley Motorcycle Sale (now Motoworld of El Cajon), though we did all our own crank rebuilding and single cylinder boring (myself and Bruce Woltz). PLUS, Marty Tripes was still in business (last time I saw him was about 3 years ago--he was around 400+ pounds then...) and he specializes in old Yamaha and Honda work, mainly 2-stroke. Can't hurt to check with him, either. He's in Santee, just North of the 52/67 interchange on Magnolia Blvd.
"Who, More than Self, His Country Loved."
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08 Aug 2019 00:36 #14

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