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HT-1 Oil Recommendations

11 Jan 2021 18:53
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HT-1 Oil Recommendations #1
Hello all!

I am seeking recommendations for both 2 cycle oil for my autolube and gear oil for my 1971 HT-1. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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12 Jan 2021 14:48 12 Jan 2021 15:42 by Schu.
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HT-1 Oil Recommendations #2
Oh Boy! An oil thread.
oil......oil....oil :whistle:

I use Amsoil synthetic 2-stroke oil when I premix. Long ago I found it was the only oil that kept my Force outboard motor from fouling those garbage centerfire spark plugs. Been using it ever since on everything 2-stroke that I premix. I do not use Amsoil in my bikes that still have functional autolube pumps. I use conventional 2-stroke oil thru the pumps.

I use Valvoline motorcycle oil 10W40 in the gearbox and I watch for sales at the chain auto parts stores and Menards.


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