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Resizing photos for the website

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Resizing photos for the website was created by Makotosun

Well - the ongoing saga of cameras and phones taking amazing photos which are too large for the site to manage uploading. :Ugh

I am working on some fixes for that, but in the meantime, some folks have asked "Is there an easier way to resize the damn things?" Well - Mako and Google are here to the rescue!

If you have a windows machine, go to this link: imageresizer.codeplex.com/releases/view/82827 and download the file to your computer, then click on the file and install it. It is totally free. Once you install it, and then select a file using windows explorer, you will get a new menu option when you right click called . . . Resize Pictures!

Select that option and you will see a new pop up window that gives you a number of options as follows:

The default resize is 840x480 which is fine, saves server space, should display faster, etc. The largest size that I know will work well on the site is medium which is 1366x768, which should fill the display out quite nicely. You can try the large size which will still be a huge decrease in size from a normal Iphone or Galaxy shot and also much smaller than a DSLR or even most modern point and shoot cameras.

Once resized, your photos should no longer be an issue for the site.

Thanks for following along!
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14 Apr 2015 21:32 #1

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