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TOPIC: Need a Title for your Enduro?

Need a Title for your Enduro? 14 Sep 2018 20:21 #31

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A little off track, I just bought a bike from Arizona without title, only BOS. Ca DMV said to contact AZ DMV and have a title search to be sure its out of the system, it was.
Took me 7 min and 38sec and 3 dollars later to print the Doc. It would have taken less time but I dropped my Hostess Ding-Dong

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Thanks Mark
Roseville, Ca.

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Need a Title for your Enduro? 14 Sep 2018 22:51 #32

  • MarkT
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rodss67 wrote: Very simple. All you need to do is run the vin before buying if no title is available. Your NADA issue, I looked up the NADA myself. Again no problem. If you go too high they will usually refund the difference. I used my bill of sale that I would hope people would get when buying any titleable vehicle or vessel. I had mine notarized as the guidelines said just in case. I DO NOT deal in stolen property. Again, use it as a guideline. Just takes a little common sense.

Please take my use of the words "you" and "your" in the generic "everyone reading this" sense.

No personal offense intended or any "wrongdoing" on your (rodss67's) part implied! I also did not think or mean to imply that rodss67 endorsed the article as anything more than "guidelines".

If anyone reading this feels better spending the time and money getting a bill of sale notarized, go right ahead... It's probably not a bad idea if you can. (Just know that Vermont doesn't care).

If anyone reading this wants to go through the hassle and expense of a VIN inspection for a bike over 300cc's and older than 15 years old, go right ahead. (Again, Vermont won't care either way.)

If anyone reading this wants to look up their own NADA values and send "proof" to Vermont along with the tax money without simply calling Vermont for their NADA value (which might be less), go right ahead. They will take your money. (I paid $300 for the bike. Online NADA said my "good" bike value was $1200. I called and Vermont said to use a NADA value of $500. I asked them what would have happened if I sent in a NADA value and paid tax on $1200? They said "same thing as if your Bill of Sale was for $1200... you pay tax on $1200") Again, Vermont doesn't care if someone wants to pay them more tax money.

At worst, the above items might cost a little extra time and money... but it might make a person feel better so go right ahead. (The unneeded VIN inspection could reveal a stolen bike so it could be worth the piece of mind... conceivably the stolen bike issue might not be found by Vermont and might only be found when/if a VIN inspection is done at a later date.)

The advice given in the article that I find "dangerous" is the suggestion "just fill out the bill of sale as if a friend sold it to you, and go to the notary with a friend. A notary surely doesn’t care or know who the real seller is… or when you bought the vehicle."

I strongly suggest the persons involved could easily end up in serious legal and financial trouble doing this... It's true that the notary might not know or care... however Vermont or your local police might care a lot if the bike has a theft or other "criminal activity" record that doesn't show up in the online "VIN checks" you can do yourself.

Quick story... A friend of mine in California got his ATV back about 20 years after it was stolen... it wasn't insured and it was stolen so long ago (late 1980's) it likely wouldn't have shown up in the modern online VIN check databases. New owners reportedly bought it in good faith and had it confiscated when they went to CHP for a VIN inspection since it had a "lost title" and was "off the books in California". What they didn't know was there was a police file open on the theft. Even though the case was ancient, my friend was questioned by a CHP investigator who asked him questions about the theft and if he knew the sellers or the people trying to re-title the ATV. The CHP told him they were trying to decide if they should charge anyone with selling, receiving, or possessing the stolen property! (I can't imagine that investigation would go too well for someone if the CHP uncovered a "faked" notarized bill of sale.)

My buddy made out good... his ATC had been restored completely and he sold it for good money... more than he paid for it new. Whoever restored it and/or tried to title it got paid nothing, they lost whatever they had into it.


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