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TOPIC: Need a Title for your Enduro?

Need a Title for your Enduro? 04 Feb 2015 05:48 #11

  • hodakaguy
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You do NOT need a title service! Do it yourself. I register bikes in Vermont all the time. You do not even have to be a resident. Just print out the form, send it in with your check ( I think it's 60 bucks ) and you get a plate and registration in the mail a couple weeks later. Then you go BACK to your own states DMV that would NOT give you the time of day before, and transfer it to your state. They then send you YOUR states title in the mail! If you call Vermont DMV they are very nice and will tell you exactly what form to print and walk you through the entire thing!!
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Need a Title for your Enduro? 04 Feb 2015 07:09 #12

  • Devin
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rt31973 wrote: I have recently registered a "Bill of Sale" 1971 Honda SL350 in Vermont. Here is a direct quote from the Vermont DMV website (as of 2/4/05):
"Vermont titles only vehicles that are 15 years old or newer based on calendar year. From 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014 Vermont will title all vehicles with model year 2000 or newer."
So if your bike is over 15 years old Vermont will not issue a title. Vermont does not require a VIN verification if you are not applying for a title. The cc's do not matter. They will issue a registration which is sufficient legal ownership to use for a title in your state. Requirements will vary by state. I just leave the Vermont driver's license space blank. It is true that you should not lowball the purchase price. I called the Vermont DMV to check if my Bill of Sale value was okay. They are very helpful and do not care if you are out of state. Once I get the Vermont registration, I go to my local DMV and get a state title. Take the Vermont DMZ sales tax receipt so you do not have to pay sales tax again. My state title cost $10.


I think I was mis-reading something. thanks for clearing that. I am glad to hear it works above 300cc :likey .

Time to send in one for a DT 400..

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Need a Title for your Enduro? 04 Feb 2015 10:03 #13

  • MarkT
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CC's do matter... the limit is 500 unless you are transferring the registration from another state then it is 300cc. (If it's an older bike that's "off the books" and does not show up on any state DMV records, then it is not a "transfer".) Call Vermont DMV if you have any questions. They are very helpful.

I highly recommend using the free NICB website and one of the vendors that use NMVTIS information ( www.vehiclehistory.gov ) to see if there are any records found of a VIN for any bike you are considering buying where the buyer says the title is lost. (Tip: some of the NMVTIS vendors will do a "free" search. What you are looking for is "no records found". If records are found, it would be worth it to buy the report.) A trip to the local police department with the VIN is also a good idea especially if you have any concerns... keeping in mind that in some jurisdictions the police are not allowed to check VIN info for a private citizen without the bike present.

Directly from the Vermont instructions:

A visual verification of the identification number (serial number) of your vehicle is required if the vehicle is required to be titled and:
Was last registered/titled in another state,
The vehicle is a motorcycle with an engine size of 300 cc’s or
more and last registered in another state,

Is a non-titleable motorcycle with an engine size of 500 or more
cc’s unless proof of a previous VT registration is submitted,

Has a Salvage Title,
Is registered under bond,
Is imported from Canada without a Certificate of Origin or a new
vehicle information statement,
The title documentation is from another country,
Has a U.S. Government Certificate of Release of Motor Vehicle

Verifications completed outside of Vermont must be by motor vehicle officials, or by those personnel authorized by that state to perform VIN verifications. Military personnel may have VIN verifications conducted by the Commanding Officer or Provost Marshal of the military base. Verifications performed out of state must be accompanied by a letter of identification of the verifier on official letterhead
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Need a Title for your Enduro? 04 Feb 2015 15:23 #14

  • Winterwoods
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Thanks - for all of the contributions, above.

Lots of good information, on this ride.


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Need a Title for your Enduro? 05 Aug 2015 14:19 #15

  • roadrich
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Here is my experience doing this in DeKalb County Georgia:

1) Get an out of state tag from Vermont as described.
2) Get insurance.
3) Get a threatening letter in the mail from the Georgia tax commissioners office stating that the motorcycle must be registered in the state. Unspecified time to act on this threat with threats of vehicle impounding.
4) Go to the tag office to transfer the out of state tag. Be told that you can not get a tag transfer without a police officer inspection. Ask how to get that done. Be told to call the non emergency county police number.
5) Call non emergency county police number. Be told to call your city's non emergency police number.
6) Call city police. Dispatch an officer to you.
7) Two officers pull up to your house. One fills out paperwork while the other snoops around your property. Have them ask many questions and demand paperwork you don't even have. Be treated as if you stole the bike. Officer finally reluctantly fills out inspection paperwork.
8) Go back to tag office. Be told that your insurance is not on file.
9) Call insurance. Insurance says it is on file.
10) Go back to tag office. Tag office says you need to fax paperwork to tag office.
11) Tell insurance company to fax paperwork. They don't have the fax number for the tag office.
12) Go back to tag office. Ask for fax number. Be told they don't have a fax number or e-mail address. Be told to have insurance e-mail paperwork to you and print out paperwork and bring it back to tag office.
13) Call insurance company. Insurance company e-mails forms. Go home and print out forms.
14) Return to tag office. Present printed out insurance forms. Present police paperwork. Present registration. Present bill of sale. Present Drivers license. Be told that the police paperwork was filled out incorrectly.
15) Go to police station. Have dispatcher bring officer to station. Officer corrects paperwork.
16) Go to tag office. Present all paperwork again. Told paperwork filled out by police is filled out has some "small discrepancies". Talk to a supervisor. Supervisor tells you that you are wasting his time. Rage out of the tag office cursing the insane bureaucracy and unwillingness to be helped by human beings as a human being.
17) Go to car and scream yourself hoarse. Drive home. Realize you left your old tag at the tag office. Scream yourself hoarse.
18) Call police station. They dispatch officer to your house.
19) Officer fills out paperwork again. Actually apologizes and temporarily calms you down.
20) Race to tag office, it is about to close. Walk in to glares from everyone, cause they remember you raging out of the office.
21) Present paperwork. All paperwork is skeptically examined trying to find anything to fuck you over. Reluctantly give you license plate for $50. Charge you 2.5% for using a credit card.
22) Drive home wondering in awe how the government doesn't fall apart under its own stupidity and incompetence.
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Need a Title for your Enduro? 01 Sep 2015 09:44 #16

  • jdsmetx
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I haven't tried the Vermont way but might give it a go. Here in Texas you can register and get a bonded title for vehicles if the title has been lost. In my experience (in Texas), its a lengthy process but can be done, here are the steps:
1. Determine your eligibility
In order to qualify, you must be:
a Texas resident, or
Military personnel stationed in Texas, or
Have a vehicle that was last titled in Texas.
The vehicle must be in your possession and cannot be considered abandoned, junked, stolen, or in any other pending lawsuits. Although not required to be operational, it must be a complete vehicle including a frame, body and motor or if a motorcycle, a frame and motor.

If you meet the above eligibility requirements you may take or mail the following documents and a $15.00 administrative fee to the nearest TxDMV Regional Service Center:

A Statement of Fact for Bonded Title (Form VTR-130-SOF)
A Statement of Physical Inspection (Form VTR-270)
Any supporting evidence of ownership (Bill of Sale, Invoice, Cancelled Check, etc.)
Acceptable photo ID

This may be where the Vermont registration might work
Out-of-state- vehicles: If the applicant is a Texas resident, but the evidence indicates that the vehicle is an out-of-state vehicle, the vehicle identification number must be verified by a Texas certified Safety Inspection Station (Vehicle Inspection Report).

If your documents are approved, you will be issued a letter stating the amount of the bond equal to 1½ times the value of the vehicle. The department will determine the value of the vehicle using:

The Standard Presumptive Value (SPV) from our web site as the primary source
If a SPV is not available, National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) reference guide will be used, or
If a value is not available either through SPV or NADA, a licensed motor vehicle dealer or insurance adjuster may appraise the vehicle on a form provided by TxDMV (Form VTR-125)
For vehicles 25 years old or older:
TxDMV will determine and assign the bond value
Appraisals less than $4,000 will not be accepted

2. Purchase a Surety Bond

Take the letter and other documents given to you by the TxDMV Regional Service Center to an auto insurance agency or any agency that is licensed to sell vehicle Surety Bonds in Texas.
You have one year from the date of the letter to purchase a Surety Bond in the amount shown on the letter, otherwise a new letter and bond will be required.
Note: If records indicate that the vehicle has a lien that is less than 10 years old, the surety bonding company is responsible for ensuring that the lien has been satisfied or released.

3.Apply for Bonded Title
Within 30 days of purchasing the surety bond, take the original letter given to you by the Regional Service Center and the documents listed in Step 1, to your county tax office, in addition to:
Completed Application for Texas Certificate of Title Form 130-U
If previously titled out-of-state: Vehicle Identification Report (VIR), completed by an authorized Safety Inspection Station
If commercial vehicle or truck: weight certificate
If the vehicle is imported: Customs Document (US DOT HS-7), available on the US Customs website.

That's all the steps I did to get Bonded titles for two of my vintage bikes. Texas likes their tax dollars and values each bike more than $4k but you only pay the tax on that which was like ~$300 plus all the application, inspection, and insurance fees. All totaled I think I spent about ~$600 on each bike to get them titled and registered. Kinda pricey but I think they are worth the effort!!! There are title services here in Texas that will do all the leg work for a fee plus all the other expenses, just be prepared to fork out some $$$$. If you do decide to try it yourself be prepared to "assist" the county clerks as this is not a very common practice and they may not know all the steps. Do some research on the steps above, have all the forms listed above filled out, inspection done, insurance form ready to present and most importantly...a smile! and BE PATIENT!

web site link: txdmv.gov/motorists/buying-or-selling-a-...ehicle-with-no-title

this is my 2 cents worth of info!! Hope it helps

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Need a Title for your Enduro? 10 Dec 2015 18:53 #17

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I went to the local DMV (State: South Dakota). Walked to the counter (no lines at all). One of the DMV workers walked over to assist me. I pulled out my Vermont plate and registration and set them on the counter top. She then pulls out a book that is about 2,000 pages long and flips to the state of Vermont. "Vermont does not issue titles for bikes 15 years or older" she read out loud. She then gives me a piece of paper to fill out.

And a few other bits of information.

Hands me a plate & registration & says my title will be in the mail in around 8 weeks. She knew me from my many previous trips and asked how many Enduros I had now. I told her and she laughed. Very easy process! :likey

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Need a Title for your Enduro? 11 Dec 2015 02:31 #18

  • rt31973
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I live in Virginia and my experience has been the same as Devin's. Lines are way longer.
Vermont registrations work well. Virginia always pull out the big book that says Vermont does not issue titles for vehicles over 15 years. Very smooth process with both Vermont and Virginia.

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Need a Title for your Enduro? 10 Apr 2018 20:04 #19

  • orangechicken007
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Has anyone done this lately? its been awhile since this thread has been updated. Have the laws changed in the last few years? thanks guys :)

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Need a Title for your Enduro? 10 Apr 2018 20:48 #20

  • rodss67
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I just did one last week in Florida. Very simple.

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