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New guy, 1970 AT1

30 Jun 2020 20:48 30 Jun 2020 20:52 by mac3. Reason: Not the place to post 25 pics i figure
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New guy, 1970 AT1 #1
Hello, so for some reason I decided i had to have this yellow bike I saw for sale. Just looked cool to me, I had no idea what it was. Didn't look bad so I went and met this 16yr old kid, walked with him behind his barn to this little shed thing and there was this bad boy. His uncle paid him the bike for working a rodeo. Even came with a box of parts, but none of the fasteners that had been removed. $300 bucks and a bill of sale.

Silly me thinking, pfft I'll just bolt a couple things on, clean the carb throw a plug and some fresh gas and I'll be zooming around the neighborhood.

I don't know anything about motorcycles really, I had a 94 SECA II that I didnt have to do anything with. I'm used to car engines, (without points) little ATVs that don't have any parts really.

Looking it over my heart started sinking, some parts were missing, looking online seeing how much used parts go for, notice the frame had been most of the way and then kinda rewelded
I started to lose heart, this bike is trash, gonna cost a ton of money, etc. So i sleep on it a couple nights, keep surfing the internet, keep coming to this site, uggh but i have to register to see pics!

Finally register, go to the badge forum, search AT1, read all 105 pages most of the threads, get excited again. Ohh i need a 175 head and cylinder oh oh and a power dynamics/vape cdi system! Oh I definitely need to make my own zinc plating station. Sweet a memeber sells new engine harness? Why isnt that sweet member made intake system for sale anymore? Ya know, I'm few grand into this bike already and the rear fender isn't even bolted on.

Slow down Mac, get it running first.. so here i am, doing my intro post, before i search and search and search, then ask a question and the first reply is a link to my answer that I missed somehow. Be gentle with me. Im a newb.

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01 Jul 2020 00:03
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New guy, 1970 AT1 #2
Welcome! from the UK

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01 Jul 2020 16:02
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New guy, 1970 AT1 #3
Welcome! I broke into enduroholism a decade ago with a 125 also. Good choice as they are great around town and can run a little bit when needed. There’s some great small bore specialists and more great all arounders also. Nice badge bike ya got there too. Love the yellow ones too. Sometimes I wonder how many buyers ended up with Yamaha because of the yellow. Ask away when you need to.

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