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DT1 race bike.

11 Oct 2019 04:41 11 Oct 2019 05:03 by RT325.
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DT1 race bike. #1

You've probably seen this & looks like interesting other videos if you click forward to the next one. I'll watch it tomorrow but just checking my emails before ZZZZ time & mate sent me the link so had to have a sneak peek, but am guessing the demo rider is the original factory rider from back then--i'll guess his name is Suzuki but probably not. Man that bike looks neat.
Sorry i see there's no click forward option when i play it on here but if i click the link on my email it gives that option on youtube. but if i copy my email link to here the video comes up ready to run, not just the link. I give up [tired] but if you can find it on youtube somehow then i clicked forward two clicks & saw a honda twin briefly so must be endless stuff.
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12 Oct 2019 10:15
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DT1 race bike. #2
This is the translation for the video description

Legend Rider Han Tadashi Ran Han ran in a machine that reproduced the first car of the Yamaha DT-1 that ran in 1969. As you know, Tada-san is the president of SP Tadao (Special Parts Tadao). At the All Japan Motocross Kanto Tournament.

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