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resotre and parts

09 Oct 2019 10:32
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resotre and parts #1
Hi guys My name is James I have a 1970s Yamaha Dt1 And was wondering how to take out the throttle connection since my throttle broke from the top end. I found a replacement and bout it but its only the top part and I don't know how to disassemble the Connection cylinder. Also A question on the key switch I rewired it but everything runs on the magneto
whats supposed to run on the battery? Im looking for a few parts for my bike and was wondering if anyone has them for sale. Here's my list
A Headlight
The screws for the Throttle holder because both broke
A different Kick starter lever I don't like the original one and am willing to trade
And am looking for a rear brake light

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09 Oct 2019 13:11
Mini Enduro
Mini Enduro
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resotre and parts #2
Hey, Man! I have found good prices on taillights on eBay. I had to buy blinkers from overseas but i found a bunch of different Yamaha tail lights in the US.

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10 Oct 2019 00:29 10 Oct 2019 00:30 by Gr8uncleal. Reason: text
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resotre and parts #3
Welcome from the UK James.

The two parts of the plastic cylinder should just prise apart at the top end. Strong fingers and patience are best. If that's no good, use something rounded and blunt to push up from the underside of the "cap" at the top. If you use something sharp to try and get under it, there is the danger that you might crack it.

If I have managed it, there should be a link to a Partzilla page at the bottom of this post. If the screws that you need are number 19 in the exploded diagram, then the part number is 98580-05020. Looking at the second half of the part number tells us that it is a M5 screw and is 20mm long.

Partzilla is a great source of parts info as, if you click on a particular part number, it will show which other bikes use that part and therefore you can widen your search on sources such as ebay, Gumtree etc. Not forgetting all of the parts, service and owners manuals in the Tech Library on this forum of course!

You could try re-posting your list of wants in the relevant section on the forum, just in case someone has missed this first time around.

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